Common Vines

E-Commerce website

I was hired by the award winning design studio, Someone Creative to build an ecommerce website from their client’s HTML  I converted the HTML files into a WordPress / Woocommerce theme,  customizing the ecommerce functionality to fit the client’s needs.

Educating the customer was a big part of the focus of this website, so we built a section called the “5ps of Wine Preference”, which describe the different factors that influence a wine. The client wanted to include data from the “5ps” on each product page so the customer could easily get information about each wine product. I set up custom fields to store that data in Woocommerce’s product post type, this allowed us link the educational aspects of the website directly with the client’s products.


  • HTML to Wordpress theme
  • Ecommerce website
  • Custom fields for client specific product data


  • Wordpress developer
  • Consultant