Goodnow Farms Front Page Redesign

Wordpress theme customization

Goodnow Farms is an award-winning gourmet chocolate maker. On this project they where looking to update their front page with several new full-screen callout sections, including optional callout sections that could be quickly added, edited or removed whenever needed.

I worked with the design team at Someone Creative to update the existing custom theme with these new features. They provided me with a PDF of the updated design, and I created new WordPress theme templates and custom fields to implement their design.

Awards Page

Additionally I developed a system to more easily add award badges to the Award Winners page. Originally the page used simple HTML markup added directly to the page’s editor. As the number of awards began to grow, updating the page became more difficult. In order to leverage WordPress’s post system, I created an Awards custom post type with and custom fields. This allows for the adding of new badges to award-winner products directly from the dashboard.

To finalize the display of the of the page I set up a custom page template, with several loops to list out the products by product category.

Project Overview

  • Wordpress Theme customization
  • Custom HTML / CSS
  • Responsive design


  • Wordpress Developer