Tastebar Boston

Restaurant website, online order form

This was another project I did for Someone Creative. They hired me to take their clients existing HTML website and convert it to a WordPress theme.

This property is the sister-site of Common Vines, a Boston based wine shop that I had done work for previously.

The client wanted the website to more integrated into the restaurants functions. As part of the project, I was asked to build them a menu page that would let them add food items to the website along with food descriptions and price. They wanted to be able to do this directly on the website, so that they could log in, and add, edit or delete menu items and have it display on a menu page.

Additionally I was hired to build an online take-out menu. The take-out menu would be available to customers to place orders from. It would send them an email with the order details for them to fulfill.


  • Updatable menu page
  • Online takeout order menu
  • Calendar of events


  • Wordpress developer